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Meditation: Inner and Outer Practices

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meditation is just the immediate awareness of our life, our mind, our phenomenological existence. As such, it’s not something we can do – it’s just the awakening of pure perception. Nonetheless there are many practices – things that we can do - that are called meditation and that are useful. These useful practices are outer meditation practices as opposed to the inner practice of pure perception. Outer practices include the inner smile, the inner breath, guru yoga, the light body practices of Kabbalah, vipassana, zazen, mantra… in fact everything that is not pure perception.

The outer practices have existed for millennia because they are very useful preparatory exercises for inner practice. The purpose of outer practices is to calm and still the mind to make it easier to notice our immediate existence. In effect, they prepare the way for inner practice.
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