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  • Meditation as Medicine, by Kevin Farrow

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    For many thousands of years, people in cultures far and wide have understood the beauty and importance of meditation in one's daily life. Meditation helps to still the mind and creates a feeling of peace and happiness. It is also a brilliant way – when done correctly - to promote healing and vitality in the body. This brilliant little book written by AcuEnergetics Founder Kevin Farrow is a fantastic book on meditation for all levels. To master the art of a pure no-mind space - even for a few moments - is something that is possible for all of us. With practice we can experience this stillness for longer periods of time, enabling us to go beyond the mind and feel truly awakened. In addition, meditation will also benefit your physical health and emotional wellbeing. This book provides practical, easy to learn meditation techniques for you to begin to free your mind and heal your body.

    Meditation as Medicine, by Kevin Farrow

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