version 1.0.2

ContenFolw ChangeLog

version 1.0.2 (2010/02/19)
 * fixed IE bug on reflection generation

version 1.0.1 (2010/02/18)
 * fixed bug with addItem
 * fixed CSS 'type' error
   Thanks to Nicolas Rudas
 * added AJAX example

version 1.0 (2010/02/09)
 Beware: Because of a major restructuring, this release will break with older 
         AddOns and possibly with user defined configurations. If you have 
         defined your own calculation methods (calcSize, calcCoordinates, 
         calcRelativeItemPosition, calcZIndex or calcFontSize) you have to 
         rework them.
         If you use AddOns please update to the new version of the AddOn.

 * moved to relative return values for the following methods:
   calcSize := returns values ranging from 0.0 - 1.0
   calcCoordinates := returns values ranging from -1.0 to 1.0
   calcRelativeItemPosition := returns values ranging from -1.0 to 1.0

 * changed the paramters of the following methods:
   calcStepWidth   : ( diff )
   calcSize        : ( item ) 
   calcCoordinates : ( item ) 
   calcRelativeItemPosition : ( item ) 
   calcZIndex      : ( item ) 
   calcFontSize    : ( item ) 

 * added the following properties to the item object:
   next, position, pre, relativePosition, relativePositionNormed, side, size 

 * better image scaling in IE7 (bicubic interpolation)

 * changed landscapeScaleFactor default value to 1.33

 * moved from 20 to 25 redraws/recalculations/frames per second 

 * refined calculation of flow size

 * speedup by internel code cleanup

 * unified AddOn configuration

 * renamed 'container' to 'Container'

 * documentation update

 * addeded direct usage of image tags as items

 * added support for transparent PNGs on IE6

 * added touch handling on iPhone
   Dragging of the whole Flow and the scrollbar works now on the iPhone

 * added onDrawItem method

 * added fluid opacity change
   - option: endOpacity
   - method: calcOpacity

 * added fixItemSize option

 * added reflectionGap option 
 * added scaleFactorPortrait option

 * automatic scrolling to item will now be supressed if the onclickInactiveItem
   method returns 'false'

 * added conf object to flow

 * removed server side reflections
   - removed reflectionType option
     reflectionHeight = 0 deactivetes the reflection
   - removed negativeMarginOnFloat option
   - removed reflectionServerSrc option

 * removed obsolete contentPosition option

 * fixed FF drag problem
 * fixed addItem method

 * fixed rmItem method


version 0.7.2 (2009/10/01)
 * fixed possible conflict with jquery, prototype
 * fixed Konqueror 4 init bug
 * fixed iPhone init bug 
 * fixed IE 6,7,8 / mootools compatibility
   thanks to Michael Birchler
 * fixed IE6 scalefactor bug
 * simplified internal click event handling
 * added 'return' key to call the onclickActiveItem method

version 0.7 (2009/04/09)
 Beware: Because of a major restructuring, this release will break with older 
         AddOns and possibly with user defined configurations. If you have 
         defined your own methods (i.e. calcCoordinates or onclickActiveItem) 
         you have to move the definitions into the configuration object.
         If you use AddOns please update to the new version of the AddOn.

         In any other case you can use the new version without any modification.
 * moved user definable method definitions to configuration
 * speedup by reducing number of calculations
 * flow element will now be centered within ContentFlow element
 * better handling of large images by Canvas supporting Browsers (all except IE)
 * removed reflectionOverlay option
 * removed set* methods to set methods
 * removed getConfig method
 * added cursermove style to slider
 * added "left" and "right" to position keywords (same as 'pre' and 'next')

 * added optional 'useAddOns' attribute to ContentFlow (X)HTML element
 * added optional deactivation of mousewheel
 * added revers mousewheel scrolling
 * added optional deactivation of keyboard 
 * added optional deactivation of drag 'n throw 

 * added keys option
 * added verticalFlow option
 * added contentPosition option
 * added relativeItemPosition option 

 * added onReachTarget method
 * added onMoveTo method
 * added onMakeInactive method 
 * added onclickInactiveItem method

 * fixed reload bug in Firefox 3 (Gecko 1.9)
 * fixed keyboard actions on FireFox (Gecko) and Safari (WebKit)
 * fixed refelctions on iPhone
 * fixed bug in moveTo method
 * fixed item positioning 
 * fixed bug if 'scrollInFrom' was set to 'none' 
 * fixed disappearing position label

 * structure cleanup

version 0.6 (2008/09/27)
 This release contains major changes and could break with previous versions.
 But most times it can be used as a drop-in replacement. 

 * added AddOn System

 * handles now 'href' and 'target' attributes of 'item' and 'content' items
   by default

 * will respect style-height attributes of ContentFlow and flow elements
   (has to be defined on the element it self)

 * moved fancyScrollbar to AddOn

 * added optional 'label' element to item (will be used as slider label)
   (great for time lines)

 * scrollbar will be hidden until loader is hidden

 * default loader height fixed

 * switched from array based structure to object based structure for items
 * switched from index based calculations to global position based calculations

 * merged mycontentflow.css into contentflow.css and and added mycontentflow.css.example
 * new Initialization System
   - init when DOM is fully loaded
   - auto init of flows
   - auto loading of stylesheets
   - auto load of AddOns
   - background init of images

 * changed calculation methods
   - added calcCoordinates
   - added calcRelativeItemPosition
   - removed calcPosition

 * new methods
   - onMakeActive
   - onclickPreButton
   - onclickNextButton

 * new options
   - useAddOns
   - circularFlow
   - activeElement

 * enhanced options 
   - added scaleFactorLandscape option value "max"
   - flowDragFriction deactivates drag 'n throw if set to '0'
   - scrollWheelSpeed deactivates scrollwheel if set to '0'

 * internal restructuring and cleanup

 * removed unneeded images

 * switched to yuicompressor for javascript compression

 * squashed many bugs

version 0.5.3 (2008/05/22)
 * resize bug fixed 
 * renamed maxHeight configuration option to maxItemHeight

version 0.5.2 (2008/05/21)
 * bugfixes

version 0.5.1 (2008/05/18)
 * bugfixes

version 0.5 (2008/05/18)
 * if reflections are used images scale nicer and scrolling is more fluid
   in Firefox, Safari and Opera (or any other browser which knows about 'canvas')
 * added fancy scrollbar (with pre and next button)
 * added maxHeight conf property
   (if set content will be scaled depending on maxHeight)
 * moveTo method can handle keywords like 'pre', 'next', 'start' or 'end'
 * code cleanup

version 0.4 (2008/02/12)
 * dynamically add and remove items !
 * caption of item is now optional
 * added setter for: clickActiveItem, calcSize, calcPosition, calcZIndex, calcFontSize
 * added getter for: config, activeItem, numberOfItems
 * squashed some bugs
 * some clean up

version 0.3 (2008/01/26)
 * revamp of reflection handling:
   - added client side reflection generation !!!
     YES! Browser generated reflections without flash!
   - bedder handling of reflection sizes
   - bedder handling of server side reflection sources
   - bedder handling of overlays in IE6
   - removed unneeded options
   - added more flexible options
   - fix positioning of items in IE6
 * fixed resize event handling in IE
 * fixed slider-position element handling in IE6
 * fixed some minor bugs
version 0.2 (2008/01/22)
 * handles now node-object and node-id string on object creation
 * configuration options are now given as configuration object
 * auto initialization on window load
 * auto detection of usage of load indicator, global caption and scrollbar
 * removed obsolete configuration options
 * minor cleanups

version 0.1 (2008/01/10)
 * initial release