Meditation for Young People

Introducing Free Little Minds: Meditation for Children.



Meditation is a simple and beneficial technique with awesome benefits for kids. This is a life-long skill they can use to help get through challenging times and to find happiness within themselves. If your child suffers from anxiety, stress, needs help to calm and focus, or simply wants to learn and develop this ancient and rewarding practice, then come be part of Free Little Minds: Meditation for Children.

Specifically for young people, meditation can help to:
• reduce stress & anxiety
• help with sleeping problems
• create a sense of calmness
• improve the ability to focus
• create better creativity
• improve exam preparation & results
• develop a healthier body & mind
• create more joy and happiness
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Please note: Our in person classes are currently all on hold. 


Meditation Teacher

Rochelle Taylor is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Teacher who works with treatment of the body and mind and meditation. She is a mother of two little ones and has a passion for helping children learn the lifelong skills to help them cope with stress, big emotions and all the pressures that come with growing up today.

Her first experience with the power of the body and mind was learning meditation at school, as a teenager, a practice she continues to enjoy more than 24 years later. Rochelle’s meditation journey and education has taken her to India several times to practice various forms of still and active meditations in the ashram environment. She has studied both modern, practical teachings as well as more ancient and esoteric practices. Her focus in the last 16 years has been the meditation teachings of Kevin Niv Farrow and more recently researching and developing mindful and meditation practices to help children feel more calm and happy. Throughout those years, Rochelle has dedicated herself to helping people with pain and illness and sharing the bio-electrical principles of the human body, that transform our body’s physical and emotional health - including meditation.

Rochelle also produced the AcuEnergetics® meditation CD series enlighten on the ancient light body meditation practices and co wrote The Wellness Balance Book and Meditation as Medicine with Kevin Niv Farrow.