Holland workshops attract a diverse international crowd

Holland Workshop 2011

The recent AcuEnergetics workshops held at the Humaniversity in Holland were a huge success, attracting a large and diverse crowd from all around the world.

Together with the AcuEnergetics® group from Australia, there were French, German, Italian, American, Israeli, Russian, Indian, English, Dutch and many other countries represented by the enthusiastic and friendly group that gathered together to further develop the trainings that began in 2010.

For the second year in a row, AcuEnergetics® offered its Level 1 Skills for Living and the Level 2 Inner Alchemy training and for the first time, the first part of Level 3 The Art and Science of Energy Healing was also taught at the Humaniversity.

The courses were taught by AcuEnergetics® Founder and Master Practitioner Kevin Farrow and AcuEnergetics®Teacher and Senior Practitioner Rochelle Taylor, who will return to Holland in 2012 for further training.

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