Meditation Classes

Due to the amazing effect meditation has on the body, mind and energy system, AcuEnergetics® is passionate about meditation and runs meditation classes, to help others develop this ancient and beautiful practice.

The meditation classes are open to anyone interested in developing their meditation practice. No experience is necessary and you do not need to be an AcuEnergetics® student. You are welcome to come to one or all of the classes.

We spend these classes doing meditations to help still the mind and open the heart. We also practise ancient mystical meditations to open the light body. These practices will help your physical and emotional being – plus they are incredibly blissful to experience.

We also run Meditation Courses where we progress through meditations of stillness and using the breath, to opening the heart with love and then more advanced practices in opening the light body and sitting still, being at one with everything. The Meditation Courses are also open to everyone. For more information about these courses, please call our clinic at +61 2 9818 1522 or e-mail us at

Meditation classes are run at regular times each week at The AcuEnergetics® Clinic and School, 372 Darling Street Balmain, NSW, Australia. (for classes after 6pm the AcuEnergetics® front shop door is locked, so enter via the PCYC main doors and come in via our red back door near the toilets.)


Regular meditation classes - all welcome



Thursday 7.15pm:

Meditation & Teaching with Kevin Niv Farrow 

This class runs for approximately 75 minutes and costs $25. Open to everyone.


Saturday 8.00am:

Meditation with Victoria Falconer

This class runs for approximately 45 minutes and costs $10. Open to everyone.



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Come & Join In With AcuEnergetics® Meditation

With such wondrous benefits from our style of meditation, we know you’ll be delighted when you attend one of our meditation classes.

Find a meditation class to suit your timetable

AcuEnergetics® Meditation For Young People

We’re excited to announce a brand new program of meditation for young people 6 years and older, right here at our Balmain clinic.

Learn more about this program and book online

AcuEnergetics® Corporate Meditation

Feedback from employers who have implemented our corporate meditation program, is that staff are more focused, less stressed and perform better.

Learn more about our Corporate Meditation programs