AcuEnergetics® Treatment Testimonials

AcuEnergetics® successfully treats a wide range of conditions and we’re delighted to produce such positive results for our clients.

Here’s just a few of our many client testimonials...



Rugby League Legend, Wayne Pearce heals Back Pain

“I was blown away by how effective AcuEnergetics is!" Wayne Pearce.



I Can Run Again For The First Time In 3 Years!

“I suffered a knee injury playing soccer three years ago and had many months of physio and also an arthroscopy, but nothing seemed to help. It was affecting all aspects of my life from work, social events and most of all emotionally. Been in pain 24 hours a day for three years and not been able to play sport...was devastating. Then some friends from work recommended AcuEnergetics® to me. I thought what have I got to lose! Well it turned out to be the best advice I ever received. Within two sessions with Kevin my knee was 50% better...With each session my knee would improve dramatically, so much so that I now have full range of movement and can run again for the first time in three last I feel free again!” K M.

AcuEnergetics® Stopped Me Requiring A Hysterectomy!

“I was introduced to (AcuEnergetics® Practitioner) Dave Flakelar in mid December, at which time I had been having a uterine bleed for 6 months. My doctor had told me that I was only one stop away from having a hysterectomy, as I was also hormone resistant. I started having sessions with Dave and within 6 weeks all bleeding had stopped. I have never felt better or as healthy. These sessions with Dave have truly changed my life and I can thoroughly recommend AcuEnergetics®”. H.K.

First Time In 20 Years Without Chronic Back Pain

“20 years ago I had a small mishap which left me with an injury of the lower back and neck. There was compressed cartilage between the lumbar spinal bones. Six months later I was in a wheelchair, in much pain and I was shattered and thought that the world was ending. So, I tried physio, which caused a lot of pain, on the scale of 1-10, I am sure that it was a 10. After a few years of doing this the pain went to about 8. Then I had 2 sessions of AcuEnergetics® with Cassandra James. After the first session the pain level in my back was less but my neck still hurt. After the 2nd session for the first time in 20 years I had no pain at all. Since then if I pull a muscle it heals very quickly. I have a very physically active lifestyle and push my body hard. Cassandra, you will have a special place in my heart for your help.” S.L.

Pre and Post Operative Care during Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

“The day I was told I had breast cancer I had the fortune to be introduced to Kevin Farrow. I walked in distraught and scared, not sure how I would cope. I walked out calm, grounded and ready to face the emotional challenge of accepting the situation and deciding what to do about it. That was the beginning of an amazing journey with Kevin."

9 Months Of Movement Recovery In Just 6 Weeks

"Kevin worked on pain management and the removal of fluid and congestion, as well as my mental state! I could not believe the emotional and physical relief I felt after each visit. After 6 weeks of treatment with Kevin, the surgeon commented that I had movement most women took 9 months to regain! The following few months were spent dealing with chemotherapy. With Kevin’s help, I recovered quickly from each dose. I continued seeing him through radiotherapy, constantly improving.

After 5 weeks of bouncing in for my daily dose of radiotherapy, I commented to hospital staff that I was feeling a little tired. They laughed. I was unaware that the majority of people in my situation are overwhelmed by exhaustion after week one! A year has passed since finishing treatment and I continue to feel terrific and positive.” A.W.

6 Years Of Acne Gone In 2 Weeks

“I had prominent acne for six years and in the sixth year it became severe. It was the source of much discomfort for me. People browsing in shops, some even on public transport, would approach me and recommend different treatments for the acne. Almost one year ago I had two sessions with Kevin and two weeks later my acne cleared up. A year on, not only has my acne cleared up completely but my skin has a radiant glow about it that it never had before.” A.S.



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