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  • Enlighten CD - 3 Pack (Your Choice of Volumes)

    Cost: $75.00

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    about the enlighten meditation series

    This is the first volume of the enlighten series of meditations. The aim of this series is to introduce you to the basics of meditation practice and then to gradually guide you through some of the more advanced tantric practices.

    With the exception of the meditations covered in volume one - which focus on stilling the mind and opening the heart - the enlighten series covers ancient practices in opening the light body, which were practiced thousands of years ago but have long since disappeared. Some of these practices are Judaic in origin and some are originally Taoist.

    Volume one guides you through the Inner Smile and Inner Breath meditations, which are both Taoist.

    For more detailed advice on meditation, please read Kevin Farrow’s companion book for this series – enlighten: Practices for the Modern Mystic. Kevin’s other book on meditation, titled Meditation as Medicine is also helpful.

    Choose any 3 CDs from the Enlighten Series for only $75.

    Please note: Volume One is not available as a CD, you can still purchase this via iTunes, however this will not be part of the 3 CD bundle offer.

    Enlighten CD - 3 Pack (Your Choice of Volumes)

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