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  • Enlighten Volume Seven

    Cost: $30.00

    about the enlighten meditation series

    This is the seventh volume of the enlighten series of meditations. The enlighten series covers ancient practices in opening the light body.

    Volume seven guides you through the Mystic Cross meditation and the Latifa Practice, which are ancient Judaic practices in opening the light body.

    The Mystic Cross and the Latifa practice of opening the chambers of the heart are an ancient pair. The mystic cross awakens the sephira of da’at and makes possible the spark that enlivens the heart to begin the practice of the Latifa.

    As with the meditations in the previous enlighten volumes, to understand and practice this meditation, it’s necessary to develop an experiential knowledge of the pattern of energy centres in the body. Read the booklet included and get to know the names and locations of the energy centres.

    For more detailed advice on meditation, please read Kevin Farrow’s companion book for this series – enlighten: Practices for the Modern Mystic. Kevin’s other book on meditation, titled Meditation as Medicine is also helpful.

    enlighten volume seven

    track 1: introduction to the mystic cross meditation

    track 2: the mystic cross meditation [29 min]

    track 3: introduction to the latifa practice

    track 4: the latifa practice of opening the chambers of the heart [32 min]

    Enlighten Volume Seven

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